Terms - Yéti Race Tour

Important information

By signing up to this race, I acknowledge the risks and specific constraints (obligatory material, partial responsibility for drinks and food, respect of the environment, times) involved in practising such a trek in a mountainous area.

I have also taken note of the information available on this page and of the “Yéti Race” regulations.

I will take part in this race using all of the stipulated obligatory equipment (cf. regulation), respecting the environment (respecting the fauna and flora, prohibition to throw away waste, keeping noise to a limited level) and the course (prohibition to change or damage the marking and deliberately take cuts outside the marked trail), as well as all of the race instructions provided by the organisers. 

If we find that any of the rules have been violated, the race team will be immediately disqualified.

Regulation Yéti Race 2019

Click here to access to the regulation for the Yéti Race 2020.