Let the Yéti inside of you come out!


The Yéti Race is an obstacle course : rifle shooting, log-sawing, assault course and other challenges imagined by the the Yéti, expect you for a ski resort discovery in a new way.

Alone or in group, compete against other racers in a completely snow-covered race course.

For this wacky and one-of-a-kind race course, you must show strength, endurance, agility, precision and team work !

You can choose between three types of race : 

  • The BIG : a challenging course, ascending over a long distance (around 15-20 Km)
  • The SOFT : an easier, yet still sporty course with little ascent (around 10 Km)
  • The TRAIL : same route as the BIG but without challenge


In 2017/2018, come and join us for a signle date on Sunday 17 December 2017 in La Plagne !