FAQ - Yéti Race Tour

Frequently Ask Questions Yéti Race Tour

General Questions

1/ Why should I take part in the Yéti Race Tour ?

  • Because a little snow isn't scary and will freshen you up (as well)!
  • Because snow doesn’t stain...unlike mud J
  • Because you are an ace at rifle shooting, a professional lumberjack and a master at military assault courses.
  • Because mulled wine tastes all the more satisfactory after a race like this one.
  • Because you want to tackle the Yéti, who works very hard every year to offer you more challenging races.
  • Because once it’s all over, you will get a huge hug in those cuddly Yéti arms. 

2/ Is the Yéti Race Tour a very difficult challenge ?

The Yéti Race Tour is a challenge that has been designed to make it approachable by all, to test endurance capabilities with parts of the race on snow-covered tracks and agility, strength, orienteering, synchronisation and reflection abilities...in challenge zones.

It is recommended for people in good physical condition and who are able to adapt to altitude running, for full enjoyment of the Yéti Race Tour. 

3/ Can I come just to watch ?

Yes ! Most of the challenge zones are accessible either by car, on foot, or on skis. Please feel free to come and support your friends/family !

4/ Can I volunteer for the event ?

Yes ! To volunteer, simply write to us at the following address with your availability : contact@yetirace.fr

Before the challenge

1/ Who can take part ?

All those older than 16 years on the day of the event and with a certificate allowing the practice of running dating less than one year on the day of the event or a FFA/FFTri permit.>See regulation informationon

2/ Can I sign up alone ?

You can only participate in the Yéti Race Tour in pairs, so you cannot sign up alone. However, if you are alone, please do not hesitate to post in the “Adopte un Yéti” Facebook group to find a teammate! 

3/ How do I sign up ?

a. Choose the stage that you would like to sign up to
b. Choose the distance that you would like to run
c. Fill out the registration form and pay
d. Begin training !

4/ What does my registration include ?

  • Participation in the Yéti Race Tour
  • Access to the Village and entertainment
  • Finishing medal
  • Race participant goodie bag
  • Meet and greet the Yéti 

5/ Do I need a medical certificate to participate in the Yéti Race Tour ?

Yes. The Yéti Race Tour is a challenging race that takes place high in the mountains and we need to ensure that your physical health can meet the required effort. For this reason, we need you to provide a medical certificate (allowing the practice of running dating less than one year on the day of the event) or a FFA/FFTri permit on the day of the event or a posteriori. As a last resort, you can also provide your documentary proof when collecting your race number.

You can download a medical certificate model by by clicking here.

6/ Can I change group / change my personal information ?

Yes. Other than uploading your documentary proof, which you can do yourself, for all requests, simply write to us at contact@yetirace.fr and provide information about your request, at the latest 1 week in advance of the concerned race. 

7/ Can I get a refund/exchange my registration if I no longer wish to participate ?

No. For organisational, insurance and responsibility reasons, it is not possible to refund or change a registration. Nonetheless, if one of the 2 participants drops out, it is possible to find a replacement partner, by writing to us at contact@yetirace.fr.

During the race

1/ Where is it and what time does it start at ?

All practical information regarding the stage at which you are participating can be found on the page “INFORMATION”. Your start time corresponds to the group you have chosen to start with while subscribing, which you will find on the receipt of your race number. 

2/ Are there any cloakrooms to leave my belongings in ?

Free cloakrooms are available in the Yéti Race Tour Village. Simply show your race number to leave a bag for the duration of the race.

3/ Will there be changing rooms and showers ?

Changing rooms with showers are available to all race participants, simply show your race number. 

4/ How long does the race take ?

It all depends on your level! That said, the maximum time taken for the race is 3 hours for the Soft course and 5 hours for the Big course. All race participants who have not completed the race within that time will be disqualified. 

5/ Can I bring my own food ?

You are very welcome to bring your own food. In any case, it is obligatory for one of the two of you in your pair to carry a bag with water and food to revitalise during the race, even if you are offered supplies. In fact, the Yéti Race Tour is a race in part of self-sufficiency. Please visit the “INFO” page for advice on what equipment to take with you. 

6/ Are there parking facilities ?

You can use the public and fee-paying car parks of the resort, limited to the number of spaces available!