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Yeti Race 2021

Bring out the Yéti in yourself!


Good news ! After working hard on finding a solution to maintain the race, we are pleased to announce that the Yeti Race will finally take place in May 2nd, 2021, in Tignes !

We are so glad to be able to organize the race, and we are thrilled to see you on the starting line !


The Yéti Race is an obstacle trail : biathlon,log-sawing, assault course and other challenges imagined by the Yéti, expect you for a ski resort discovery in a new way.

With your team of 2 or 4, compete against other racers in a completely snow-covered race course.

For this wacky and one-of-a-kind race course, you must show strength, endurance,agility, precisionand team work!

Get your bib for the Yéti Race 2021!